Adrean Webb

Adrean Webb


  • 2022 May 23 - The hybrid session [A-OS15] Waves, Storm Surges, and Related Hazards will be held at the annual JpGU meeting in Chiba, Japan.
  • 2022 May 6 - "Transitional Wave Climate Regions on Continental and Polar Coasts in a Warming World" has been accepted for publication in Nature Climate Change.
  • 2022 March 1 - I am excited to announce that I will be joining the Department of Physics at the Tokyo Institute of Technology from April, where I will be starting a new position as an Associate Professor.

Research Interests

I am interested in modeling coastal hazards and ocean-related phenomenon using the latest advances in mathematical and numerical analysis.

Meshless Ocean Dynamics Modeling

I am currently focused on developing fast meshless storm surge and spectral wave models specifically designed for long climate runs. This work is in collaboration with Natasha Flyer.

Waves, Storm Surges, and Climate

While at Kyoto University, I investigated the impacts of climate change on coastal hazards for the Japanese government-funded Tougou Project (Theme D led by Eiichi Nakakita).

Wave Energy Resources / Waves and Sea-Ice

While at The University of Tokyo, I worked with Takuji Waseda on a NEDO project to estimate the available wave energy resources for Japan. I also worked on an Arctic Challenge for Sustainability (ArCS) project to forecast the wave field for the rapidly changing Arctic climate.

Internal Tidal Waves

While at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, I worked with Hidekatsu Yamazaki to model the generation and dissipation of nonlinear internal tidal waves in a ria estuary (Otsuchi Bay). This work was part of a larger project to study the impact of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Wave-Induced Mixing

For part of my thesis, I worked with Baylor Fox-Kemper to derive a new set of approximations for Stokes drift and optimize an ocean surface wave model component for coupling with the NCAR Community Earth System Model (using NOAA WAVEWATCH III).

Code & Data

    • Stokes drift: Functions for different depth-dependent and depth-integrated approximations can be found here and on the MATLAB Central File Exchange. The functions use either 1D or 2D wave spectra and can handle an arbitrary number of spatial and temporal dimensions. A detailed description of the different approximations can be found in this publication (and respective preprint).
    • Doppler-shifted wave power density: Variable current effects can be added to wave power calculations within WAVEWATCH III (version 4.18) by modifying the source code function 'w3iogomd.ftn'. Differences between the original and modified files are listed here; the intermediate form is also included since the built-in-version has an undocumented bug (in the spectral tail calculation).
  • Web GIS Dataset
    • Wave and current resource assessment: An online interactive dataset was created to assist with marine renewable energy development in Japan. A detailed description of the dataset can be found in this conference proceeding, and the full dataset can be accessed here.


  • Journal Publications
    • 2022 "Transitional Wave Climate Regions on Continental and Polar Coasts in a Warming World."
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  • Journal Publications (J-STAGE)
    • 2020 "Statistical prediction of storm surge height time series by convolutional neural network and its long-term projection."
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  • Refereed Conference Proceedings (Selected)
    • 2018 "Wave energy resource assessment: A comparative study for two coastal areas in Japan."
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  • Other Writings
    • 2018 "Report of the 2018 Meeting for the WCRP-JCOMM Coordinated Ocean Wave Climate Project (COWCLIP), Paris, 21-23 May, 2018."
    • M. Hemer, X.L. Wang, and A. Webb; JCOMM Technical Report 92. [html]
    • 2017 "WAVEWATCH III in CESM and Langmuir mixing."
    • Q. Li, B. Fox-Kemper, and A. Webb; POP2 Reference Manual Addendum, LANL Tech Note LAUR- 10-018253, in press. [pdf]
    • 2013 "Stokes Drift and Meshless Wave Modeling."
    • A. Webb; PhD thesis, University of Colorado Boulder. [bib] [pdf]


Most recent courses and programs are listed below.

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • 2022 Spring, Fundamentals of Mechanics
  • 2022 Fall, Fundamentals of Electromagnetism (upcoming)

Contact Details

    Tokyo Institute of Technology
    School of Science, Department of Physics, H-63
    2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro, Tokyo 152-8551, Japan

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